Hello Crypto Cricket Club(3Cs) family, It's been quite a while since our last conversation and we think its right time for us to communicate our upcoming plans and our latest development updates with our community, So without wasting much of time let's jump right to the point:

With IPL scheduled to commence from 18th September 2020, it was imperative for us to promulgate the launch date for Crypto Cricket Club Platform & withal provide the much anticipated details about our incipient Tokenomics and Staking, As per the latest development updates provided by Technoloaders, we have decided to keep 15th of September 2020 as the launch date of our platform, with alpha testing underway we hope to commence beta testing by the end of August.

Staking is one of the major component of Crypto Cricket Club ecosystem & had to commence at least 2 months prior to the launch date of our platform as per our original plan, but keeping the current progress & scenario in mind we have decided to start staking programme from 20th of August and to adjust as per current state of development and community feedback, details of our staking plans will also be updated as per the below mentioned plans.

Contrary to earlier plans lock up period will be determined by the Token owner and will have option to lock up tokens for duration of 1 month to maximum of 1 year.

Gold Level:

Minimum Tokens Required: 50000 3Cs

APR: 37% Yield yearly to be paid on monthly basis + 50% of monthly platform profits to be distributed in the form of maximum available currency.

Maximum Cap: 20

Silver Level:

Minimum Tokens Required: 30000 3Cs

APR: 27% Yield yearly to be paid on monthly basis.

Maximum Slots: 50

Copper Level:

Minimum Tokens Required : 10000 3Cs

APR: 20% Yield yearly to be paid on monthly basis.

Maximum Slot: 200

#Details of how to participate in staking programme and registration will commence from 10th of August & all details will be communicated through our official telegram channel.


We are well aware that we have been lacking behind on marketing front in the last few days, it was a conscious decision on our teams part to minimize marketing efforts as the budget allocated for marketing was getting wasted as no positive perspective was being derived from it and it made us rethink our approach and we have come up with a more innovative method of communicating with crypto community as well as with the utiliser base of our platform. In order to increment our overtness we will be carrying out more community driven marketing efforts by incentivising our community members rather than paying anonymous accounts to do the needful for us. We have come up with different plans to incentivise community and customary users in the form of referral programme, details of same will be shared in couple of days in our Telegram Channel, that does not implicatively insinuate that we won’t be spending anything on our customary twitter campaign. We will also be expanding our network on other social media channels including Youtube, Instagram & Facebook.

We have also finalised a list of youtube influencers who will be promoting our project, the list includes influencers with reach up to 100k subscribers for crypto community and millions of subscribers for platform promotion, The promotion on crypto related youtube channels will commence from 15th of August while youtube promotions for platform will start from second week of September i.e right before our platform launch.

We are also speaking to couple of cricketers to book some known face as our brand ambassador but current COVID-19 situation is a big hurdle, as of now we are in touch with couple of cricketers and community will be informed as soon as something is finalised.


As we have verbalised earlier and we would relish to put this forward again, we have enough balance to consummate the project and promote it for next one year without any quandary, on top of that we have secured an investment of 100 ETH from a Korean angel Investor, the tokens allocated to our investors will be vested for the duration of 6 months but in order to proceed with the deal, we will be moving 600k tokens from team wallet to an escrow wallet and deal will be signed in Dubai during IPL 2020. Tokens will be moved right before platform launch to avoid any miscommunication. 50% of the ETH raised will be used to provide more liquidity on Uniswap and rest will be used for more aggressive marketing campaigns after platform launch.

We understand the impatience our community has due to decline in price and lack of activity in our group, but please understand we are not riding on defi craze or any other scheme to double your money, it's a business idea and we have our own money, emotions and hard work invested in it, And it takes time and efforts to develop a business, we urge our long term holders & investors to start spreading word about our little project, as our market cap might be small but our dreams are big and we are in no mood to leave the ground without scoring a century at least.

Team Crypto Cricket Club

Telegram : https://t.me/cryptocricketclub_official

Website: https://cryptocricketclub.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptocricket_c?s=20




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